1. 李宇春
    (winner of Super Girl singing contest)
  2. 迅雷
    (Xun Lei, a software download)
  3. 跑跑卡丁车
    (online game about car race)
  4. 网络电视宝
    (software to watch TV online)
  5. 六合彩
    (raffle ticket)
  6. 中国移动
    (China Mobile)
  7. 张含韵
    (Chinese female singer)
  8. 疯狂的石头
    (a movie called “Crazy Stone”)
  9. 招商银行
    (a p2p software download)
  10. 金山词霸
    (Kingsoft translation software)
  11. 卡巴斯基
    (anti-virus software)
  12. 招商银行
    (China Merchants Bank)
  13. 王子变青蛙
    (a popular TV series — prince turned into frog)
  14. 酷狗
    (, a music download website)
  15. 驱动之家
    (, a hardware guidance website)

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