1. 今天你嘟嘴了吗
    (widespread virus in China during these days)
  2. 李宇春
    (winner of Super Girl singing contest of 2005, now a famous singer)
  3. 迅雷xun lei
    (download software)
  4. 跑跑卡丁车
    (online game about car race)
  5. processlook下载
  6. loving 李宇春
    (song sung by Li Yuchun)
  7. vagaa
    (entertainment website)
  8. happy wake up 李宇春
    (song sung by Li Yuchun)
  9. 中国移动
    (China Mobile)
  10. 卡巴斯基
    (anti-virus software)
  11. 招商银行
    (China Merchants Bank)
  12. 金山词霸
    (translation software)
  13. 瑞星
    (an anti-virus company or software’s name)
  14. 金山,水浒q传
    (an online game developed by Jin Shan)
  15. 魔兽世界
    (an online game)